Stupid Easy Chili

Chili Seasonings, Tomato Sauce, Red Kidney Beans

I hesitated for a bit before coming up with the title for this recipe post. I don’t want to leave any of you with the idea that you’re stupid. I support a kinder, gentler Internet. So here you go. I’m sharing a dish that my teenagers ate and LIKED. Everybody wins. Will there be leftovers? Yes, but they won’t last long once my partner spots the casserole dish in the fridge.


2 lbs of ground pork

1 can (398 mL) of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce

1 can (540 mL) of Aylmer Accents Chili Seasonings

1 can (540 mL) of Unico Red Kidney Beans (No Salt Added)

1 cup of cooked white rice


Rinse the kidney beans. Combine the beans, tomato sauce, and chili seasonings in a medium size mixing bowl. Set aside.

Brown the ground pork in a deep frying pan. Add bowl of chili fixings to the pan and simmer while the rice cooks. I have a countertop rice maker but I get better results when I make rice on the stovetop.

Place in bowls, or whatever you want.

Serves 4-6.

Total time? The rice takes 15 minutes after it’s covered. Browning the meat varies depending on whether or not you’re cooking from frozen or using fresh ground pork. The chili will do its thing quite happily on the stovetop while the rice cooks.

Try it out and let me know what you think, in the comments.

Bon appétit!